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At KEEP, we believe that it’s time that people changed the way they store cannabis in the home. To achieve this goal, we extensively researched how people keep their products. We discovered how and the reasons why people store cannabis the way they do and the limitations associated with each.

The perception of cannabis is changing. But just saying the word “cannabis” is still uncomfortable to most – and that’s despite the growth of legalization across the United States, Canada and the world. Whether you’re a parent with young children, a professional focused on optics or just generally concerned with keeping cannabis use to yourself, having cannabis products in the home presents a number of challenges.

To be discreet, most people keep their products out of sight – stored in pencil cases, sunglass cases, camera bags or wooden boxes and buried in drawers, the back of freezers or on the floor or at the top of closets. By doing so, consumers sacrifice convenience and treat cannabis as something that shouldn’t ever be seen or mentioned.

Storing cannabis out of sight (in drawers, freezers, closets, etc.) doesn’t mean that your products are out of reach or even secure. It doesn’t mean that someone won’t find your cannabis and it doesn’t mean that our children will be protected. Proper storage means the inability to access the products even if they are discovered.

What did our research tell us? Cannabis consumers need a storage solution that gives them peace of mind, eliminates feelings of guilt or shame and keeps our homes safe. In other words, they need a way to securely store their cannabis products without sacrificing convenience or discreetness.

So, we built that product – a storage device with patent pending technology that is specifically designed to help consumers keep their cannabis products in a discreet, convenient and secure manner.

We call it KEEP.


Based out of Waterloo, our team has over forty years of combined experience building and working with technology companies across the U.S., including Silicon Valley, Canada and internationally. We’ve built companies from ideation to over $50M in annual revenue. Our success can be attributed to putting the customer experience at the forefront and we’ll stay true to this mission as we learn how YOU want to experience KEEP.

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