KEEP's Features

KEEP was designed and engineered from the ground up with a focus on security, discreetness and functionality. The end result is a smart storage device that offers a modern aesthetic and discreet design that will keep you organized and your products secure.


  • Biometrics - Lock and unlock your KEEP with a look, or touch, of your phone
  • Wifi and Bluetooth - Monitor your KEEP from anywhere in the world
  • Push Notifications - Receive notifications through the KEEP App if anyone accesses or moves your KEEP or to help you monitor your inventory
  • Data Encryption - Military grade AES-256 encryption to ensure that your KEEP and data are secure


  • Modern Design - In chalk white or slate black, KEEP’s minimalist design and clean lines will blend into any home
  • LED Display - Backlit LED display, showing the time and outdoor weather, to help you stay discreet
  • Adjustable Lighting - Modern LED lighting that can be adjusted through the KEEP App


  • Built-in Scale - Built-in scale to help you monitor your usage and inventory
  • Organization Pods - Assorted clear containers to help you keep your products separate and stay organized
  • Rechargeable Battery - High capacity battery (with removable USB cable) so you can take your KEEP anywhere
  • Case Engineering - Durable case and hermetic seal to contain any odor
  • Temperature and Humidity Monitors - Monitor the temperature and humidity levels in your KEEP


Patent-Pending Technology

More information on KEEP's patent-pending technology can be found on our patent section.