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Jan 27 [PODCAST] Business of Cannabis - KEEP Labs
Jan 20
Top gadgets of 2020 (so far)
Jan 21 [VIDEO] This is a stash box for storing your cannabis at home
Jan 15 A Smart Stash Box for Storing Your Weed
Jan 15 [PODCAST] The Technology of Getting High with Alan Cross & Michael Hainsworth
Jan 13 CBC Radio Morning Edition Interview with KEEP Labs
Jan 10 CES takes half-baked stance on cannabis
Jan 10 Cannabis Tech Companies On Restrictions At CES: 'Lots Of Room For Growth Ahead'
Jan 10 New app-controlled KEEP cannabis storage container is as smart as it is dope
Jan 10 Cannabis Technology Censored by CES
Jan 10 Cannabis tech's fight to be accepted at CES
Jan 10 The cannabis company banned from the show floor
Jan 9 [VIDEO INTERVIEW] KEEP Labs Declines CES Invite After Being Banned From Using Term Cannabis
Jan 9 What would CES be without a bit of drama?
Jan 8 Cannabis Tech Company Forced To Pull Out Of CES
Jan 8 Want to keep your weed safe? Now you can
Jan 8 KEEP Secure Stash Box
Jan 8 Is 2020 a High Point (Or Low One) For Cannabis Tech?
Jan 8 CES Goes Full Narc and Stops Award-Winning Weed Company From Mentioning... Weed
Jan 7 CES Cannabis Conundrum: Makers of Award-Winning Product Can’t Mention Its Purpose
Jan 7 Best Cannabis storage and weed storage device by KEEP Labs Cannabis firms fuming over exclusion from CES
Jan 7 Cannabis Startup Pulls Out of CES Tech Show Amid Limits
Jan 7 cannabis storage and weed storage by KEEP Labs Cannabis storage device with facial recognition wins award at CES 2020 - but is unable to exhibit because organisers have banned any mention of pot on showroom floor
Jan 7 A Canadian cannabis tech company has pulled out of the CES gadget show after being given constraints on how it could promote its products.
Jan 7 Digital Trends KEEP Labs best cannabis storage device CES has a strange relationship with cannabis tech, and it just got weirder
Jan 7 Controversial Cannabis Technology at CES 2020
Jan 6 CES Must Be High
Jan 6 CES 2020 Is Home to the Most Innovative Products in the World. Just Don't Say the Word 'Cannabis'
Jan 6 Tech Trade Show Censors Award-Winning Cannabis Device
Jan 6 CES awards Canadian cannabis company, only to demand silence (Paywall)
Jan 6 Award-winning Toronto cannabis tech company banned from mentioning weed at trade show
Jan 5 CES awards cannabis company then bans it from mentioning cannabis when exhibiting
Dec 11 Calm Collectiv KEEP Stash Box Gift Guide 2019. KEEP Labs. For the design-forward weed connoisseur, this gift is a must-have!
Dec 11 Toronto company wants you to ditch the Ziploc bags and KEEP your cannabis under lock and key
Dec 10 Keep it secret, keep it safe: Climate controlled biometric stash box.
Dec 9 Cannabis stash box. Forbes review of KEEP Want To Keep Your Marijuana Stash Secure? There’s a New App-Controlled Device for That.
Nov 28 Elegant Technology Brings Cannabis Safety Home
Nov 11
Culture Magazine
Cannabis Company Named as 2020 CES Awards Honoree
Nov 8
[VIDEO] Calm Collective: At Home with the Founders of KEEP
Nov 8
KEEP is the first cannabis-adjacent product to ever be recognized by CES
Nov 8
Finally, a safe place to KEEP your cannabis
Nov 8
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The stash box that locks, snitches and hides your stash away so you don’t have to wins CES award for Ontario company
Nov 8
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CES 2020 Award Goes for the First Time to a Cannabis Company
Nov 7 KEEP wins a CES Innovation Award - 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree
Nov 7 CES finally honors the first cannabis company with an innovation award
Nov 7
Meet KEEP: Smart, discreet, secure storage for your stash
Nov 7 Finally, a safe place to KEEP your cannabis
Nov 2   New Cannabis Products
Nov 2
Javier Hasse: Cannabis Smart Storage