Stash Box For Your Most Precious Cannabis | KEEP It Responsibly

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KEEP is the first home storage device expertly designed to store your stash in a smart, discreet, and secure manner - with your peace of mind, in mind.

Participate in our crowdfunding campaign and help people keep cannabis responsibly, not hidden. 

What you get
1x set of organization pods
1x removable rolling tray
1x USB charging cable

Terms of Crowdfunding Campaign
The terms for our crowdfunding campaign can be found here. A summary of the key terms follows.

KEEP is Available for Pre-Order
We are currently offering KEEP for pre-order as part of a crowdfunding campaign.

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Products are not yet manufactured. We expect to ship products in Spring 2020, but there may be delays or cancellations. We will provide regular updates to each person that has made a pre-order.

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THANK YOU for your support! We will continue to accept pre-orders until March 01, 2020 23:59 Eastern Time (US & Canada).

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